Terms and Conditions

These policies are established to maintain a fair and organized platform for advertising shared accommodations and rental properties, with a commitment to fostering a “family-safe” environment. It’s important to note that these policies are subject to periodic review and may be updated at any time. Please also refer to the Disclaimer. explicitly disclaims responsibility for any rental transactions. Users are strongly urged to exercise responsibility in their usage of the site and any transactions resulting from property listings or rentals. does not own, manage, or contract for any shared accommodations or rental properties listed on the site; instead, it serves as an advertising tool for homeowners. The site is not involved in transactions between landlords and renters, and the responsibility for every aspect of such transactions lies with each user. is not accountable for the condition of listed rental properties or their compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The site reserves the right to delist rentals at its discretion, and owners and agents are expected to adhere to Acceptable Content Policies.

Homeowners are required to accurately represent their listings, including descriptions, images, rates, and calendar availability. Regular updating of the calendar and timely responses to renter inquiries are expected. Listings not conforming to policies may be subject to suspension at the discretion of staff.

Copying text and photos from another owner’s rental advertisement is strictly prohibited, and any such violation may result in the removal of the advertisement without a refund.

Acceptable Content Policies include prohibiting links to competitor sites, restricting content in additional links and videos, and ensuring that email addresses and phone numbers are placed in authorized locations within listings. All content must be family-safe, and reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of content. The site also retains the right to alter, exclude, or reject information provided by vacation rental owners. collects personal information for its services but commits not to share it with third parties. Spamming is not condoned, and may suspend services for policy violations, including Unsolicited Commercial Emails.

Rental inquiries are limited to 15 emails per 24 hours to avoid spam classification, and these inquiries are not considered private. does not offer refunds for site downtime due to maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. is not a licensed real estate broker and reserves the right to make changes to the site without notice. By using or continuing to use the site’s services, users agree to the outlined terms and the provided Disclaimer.

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